Second Skin: 3D Printed Swatch

Originally I started out with the following idea for a textile, based on a repeating triangle unit, since I wanted to make something that is a flexible textile out of a unit that is not typically thought of as moveable: The first two drawings were translated into two unit pieces shown below: And then developed further into the following three dimensional design: When printed, it … Continue reading Second Skin: 3D Printed Swatch

3D Printed Textile

The initial inspiration for this textile was using fractals to guide the structure of the design. To begin, I printed the far left triangular shape which starts with a triangle and repeatedly splits the triangle into three triangle from the geometric center. Second from the left is a more organic fractal inspired by L-systems found in plants.  Then to hopefully increase the three dimensionality of the deign, … Continue reading 3D Printed Textile

Assignment 2 -Full Textile Print

After playing a bit more with Grasshopper and Rhino, I started to really enjoy the dynamic and visual of curving and moving sheets of the pattern around. In thinking about the full picture of what I wanted to make, I wanted something with a bit of depth and flaps that could act like ruffles. These curves overlap on part of the textile and the extra … Continue reading Assignment 2 -Full Textile Print

Designing a 3D printed Fabric: Fun with Braids!

For this assignment, I wanted to play around using the flexible resin as fibers for something knotted or woven. In my earliest brainstorming (the bulk of which was on a piece of paper that I lost, unfortunately), I wanted to do some conglomeration of knots used in sailing (since those are familiar to me). some initial sketches I sketched out some ideas, but didn’t see … Continue reading Designing a 3D printed Fabric: Fun with Braids!

Project 2: Textiles

Iteration 1 Coming into the first stage of this project, I was mainly interested in varying the density of certain parts of my textile and seeing how that changing density would affect the behavior of the textile made of flexible resin.  This variable density was the main driving force through all three of these iterations.  For the first iteration, I this modeled a square of … Continue reading Project 2: Textiles