Assignment 3: About Time

The second project focuses on time and provides a foundation in human-computer interaction, rapid prototyping, and physical computing. Using electronics, programming and the skills learned so far in the course, students will design and create an interactive clock for an alternative measurement of time, exploring how to create dynamic behaviors, interaction models, and how to physically represent intangible concepts. Read the Project 3 assignment here for complete details: … Continue reading Assignment 3: About Time

Project 2: Second Skin

The second project focuses on the theme of textiles and wearables. Using 3D modeling, 3D scanning, and 3D printing, students will design and fabricate their own textile materials, explore the relationship between objects and the body, and ultimately design a wearable. Read the Project 2 assignment here: 4.031 project 2 PDF Slides from Project Introduction on textile construction and 3D-printed textiles: 4.031 Second Skin Intro slides PDF … Continue reading Project 2: Second Skin