A study in lace: prototypes

For my prototypes, I decided to do a two-fold path of experimentation: exploring how to make lasercut fabric look like lace, and exploring how to make gloves. I decided to put off incorporating leather for now and just focus on lace, in order to get that aspect right first.

The most important thing to me was getting the design right, since that was what my idea was centered on: making lace from geometric shapes. I played around on Illustrator, constructing a design out of geometric shapes that I was satisfied with. I took a small portion of that design to a lasercutter, turning the Illustrator file into an Autocad file so I could work with the laser cutters set up in the Fab Lab. I’m very happy with the end result: the fabric resembles lace at first glance. Next, I will further explore how to retain the strength of the fabric will keeping it intricate (since some of the thinner lines started to break apart), as well as exploring laser cutting different types of fabric. I’m also going to bring back the leather idea and try to either find leather or fabrics resembling leather to experiment on.


The next thing I explored was making the physical gloves. I used the same black material I had found at the sewing lab, cutting out two sides of a glove and hand sewing them together. I’m pretty new at sewing, so my first prototype of the glove didn’t turn out super well: some parts were torn, and it was a tight fit that didn’t stretch well. (I’m going to use this prototype for my laser cut experiments, to see what it would look like when I combine the two folds of the project.)


From that, I made an improved prototype that both looks and works better.


What I wanted to explore was how to make the glove, so I only focused on the design part so much that it would look and function as a glove. Now that I know how to do that, my next round will involve actually designing a glove so that it contours my hand better while still being breathable, and also focusing on the aesthetic of a lace glove.

Further steps on this project/the next round of prototypes will involve combining what I learned from the separate projects into my main project, an exploration of lace/lace gloves.


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