Second Skin: 3D-printed textiles

In the Second Skin assignment, we challenged students to envision how 3D-printing can enable new kinds of textiles with properties that vary through space. Students had two weeks to design, prototype, and produce their textile inventions with the use of four Form 2 3D-printers provided by Formlabs. The resulting projects take inspiration not only from traditional structures such as chainmaille, weaving or knitting, but also biological structures like skin, hair, fur, and scales. A selection of student projects can be found below. Each design was 3D-Printed all as one piece, not assembled.

Cellular Textile by Lucia Liu in clear resin


Corrugated Textile by Annie Zhang in clear resin


Atom Textile by Jimmie Harris in clear resin


Fractal textile by Pearl Wilmer-Shiles in flexible resin


Braided textile by Annie Hughes in flexible resin

Fish-scale textile by Yunyi Zhu in clear resin


Hexagon Knit Textile by Yunyi Zhu in clear resin


Triangle Chainmail by Natalie Alper in clear resin


All of the students project can be viewed here.


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